We offer comprehensive testing and work up of all forms of hearing loss in both pediatric and adult patients. Our certified and experienced audiologists perform testing in our insulated sound-proof audiology booths, with the most up to date testing equipment and techniques. They are experienced in the specialized testing techniques required for young children and infants who may be having excessive ear infections or may have fluid in the ears.

Common forms of hearing loss in adults include

  • noise-induced hearing loss [from occupational noise exposure, for example]
  • presbycusis [age-related hearing loss]
  • genetic or inherited forms of hearing loss
  • conductive hearing loss [from fluid in the ears, or abnormalities of the eardrum or ear bone chain, or mixed forms of hearing loss of those mentioned previously.

Additional testing is available in our offices such as Otoacoustic emissions testing [OAE’s], which measure the status of the microscopic cells of hearing in the inner ear. These results can help determine hearing in young children and infants, or may detect early signs of hearing loss in adults.

We offer balance testing [Vestibular testing, or VNG testing] for patients suffering from vertigo [whirling or room spinning sensation], generalized dizziness, positional dizziness, or unsteadiness with walking.

Finally, we offer hearing aide services for those patients with significant hearing impairment.

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