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Dizziness & Balance Treatment


Dizziness and balance problems can affect people of all ages, and may be due to an inner ear condition, or could be a sign of a problem elsewhere in your balance system. Symptoms can range from mild imbalance to a severe room spinning/whirling sensation known as vertigo.

Balance is a complex system in the body, and includes the inner ear, vision, brainstem function, spinal cord and nerves, as well as bones, joints, and muscles in the arms and legs. Problems in one or several of these areas can result in imbalance.

For problems that are found not to be of inner ear origin, a comprehensive team of supporting services can be recommended for specialty consultations, such as neurology or physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Our Dizziness & Balance Treatment Services Include:

  • Comprehensive evaluation by our physicians to determine the cause of your balance disorder

  • Specialized in-office audiometric and balance testing to help diagnosis your balance problem

  • Management of balance disorders with medications

  • Coordinated care with vestibular physical therapy to help you feel steady on your feet again


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