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Pediatric Otolaryngology – Conditions Effecting Hearing, Speech and Development

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

At ENT Specialists we know that ear, nose and throat conditions in children can have a lasting effect. When our young patients come into our office, we offer them a peaceful and calm place where they can feel comfortable. Because children are not always able to explain what is bothering them, our pediatric otolaryngologists are patient and caring to find out which condition they need to treat.

There is a large range of pediatric ENT conditions we diagnose and treat, including:

  1. Ear infections

  2. Hearing loss

  3. Allergies

  4. Voice disorders

  5. Lumps in the neck

  6. Tongue tie

  7. Enlarged tonsils

  8. Adenoids obstruction

  9. Recurring and chronic sore throats

  10. Nose bleeds

  11. Nasal fractures

These conditions can not only affect a child’s hearing and speech development, but they can also greatly affect their sleep and learning abilities as well. At ENT Specialists, we are passionate about the care of children. Our mission in the pediatric department is to provide children with a relaxed environment in which they feel comfortable. We know that children cannot always explain what is bothering them, so the wonderful providers in our office are experts at working with children to understand exactly what is going on with them.

At ENT Specialists, we have a wide range of treatment options, as well as extensive and comprehensive training in treating children’s ear, nose and throat disorders. Our team provides services that take care of the whole child, not just the child’s condition. Whether a child needs complex medical treatment such as surgery, or a simple exam to rule out a certain condition, our pediatric otolaryngologists have the expert qualifications and experience to treat your child. If your pediatrician has suggested your child to see a pediatric otolaryngologist, make sure your child is in good hands. Call our office today to set up their appointment.

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