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Radio Frequency Ablation for the Thyroid Testimonial

"I was diagnosed with a very large thyroid cyst (7.2 centimeters in length). I was determined to try every possible option to avoid thyroid surgery, which is an evasive type of treatment that can be performed only at the hospital, it does require longer recovery time, and it could result in potentially me having to take thyroid medications. Initially Dr Dhingra performed aspirations with a syringe, which unfortunately did not help. My thyroid cyst would come back larger in size than before. Dr Dhingra suggested an RFA procedure. I immediately agreed to the procedure since it would help me save my thyroid. Dr Dhingra managed any (minimal) discomfort very well, while he was providing explanations as to each step of the procedure. My recovery time was extremely short. Dr Dhingra kept monitoring my thyroid cyst with ultrasound exams at regular intervals. I had my yearly checkup of my thyroid cyst, and its largest dimension was down to 3.8 centimeters. I have been feeling great after the RFA."

Thank you Iaonnis A. for your kind words! We are happy that the procedure was a success and you are feeling much better.

If you would like to learn more about a non invasive option to surgery, please reach out to make an appointment with Doctor Dhingra today!

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