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Summer Sinus Problems

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Changes in temperature are one main culprit of summer sinus problems. On hot days, when the air is exceptionally dry, the mucus in your nose often becomes thick and sticky, therefore blocking the sinuses and causing extreme stuffiness and/or horrible headaches. Changes in barometric pressure can trigger sinus pain and headaches. When an afternoon thunderstorm rolls through, shifting the air pressure quickly-and often times without warning- it’s enough to cause sinus pain in people who are sensitive to those weather shifts.

Summer months are also when grass and weeds release pollen in the air that typically triggers allergies. Mold can be another sinus trigger in the summer months since it’s during that time of year that it can grow in compost piles or in heaps of fallen leaves that have been all but forgotten about. Mold has the ability to trigger an allergic reaction similar to pollen. And mold is not only found outside; indoor mold is commonly found in damp areas like kitchens and bathrooms, and in damp basements. The higher humidity in the summer months often exacerbates the growth of mold.

Summer is a time that most people look forward to all year, and it certainly has its perks. Unfortunately, the reality is that many people face sinus and allergy issues during these months. If you are someone who finds yourself suffering from sinus issues during the warm summer months, there are a few simple ways to help ease your pain:

• Take your shoes off as soon as you enter the house • Change your clothes and take a shower before bed to get rid of any pollen that has accumulated • Wash your pillows and pillowcases often • Consider replacing any wall to wall carpeting in your house with area rugs, as carpets often collect allergens

If your problems persist, schedule a consult with one of our allergy specialists to identify the allergy and subsequent treatment for allergic rhinitis. It is important in the short and long-term management of your symptoms.

Our Allergy Services Include: • Comprehensive allergy testing • Environmental control counseling • Medical therapy: oral antihistamines, nasal steroid sprays, antihistamine nasal sprays • Allergy shots • Allergy drops/ Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT)

If you suffer from frequently repeated sinus infections or have chronic symptoms that aren’t responding to treatments, please make an appointment with us for a full evaluation.

Our Sinus & Nasal Disorders Services Include: • Evaluation to detect anatomic abnormalities, extent, and distribution of inflammation • Comprehensive allergy testing • Environmental controls counseling • Aggressive medical management of sinus conditions with antibiotics and steroids • Minimally invasive endoscopic sinus surgery • Advanced computerized image guidance sinus systems for the safest surgical results

Everyone deserves to enjoy the short summer months without sinus problems getting in the way.

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