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Hearing Aid Services


Did you know… 9 out of 10 people with hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids?

At ENT Specialists, we offer comprehensive testing and work up of all forms of hearing loss in both pediatric and adult patients. Our certified and experienced audiologists perform testing in our insulated sound-proof audiology booths, with the most up-to-date testing equipment and techniques. We also perform specialized testing techniques required for young children and infants who may be having excessive ear infections or may have fluid in the ears.

Our Hearing Services Include:

  • Medical evaluation with both a physician and audiologist specializing in hearing loss and treatment

  • Consultation with our licensed and highly trained audiologists to review your individual hearing deficit, needs, and treatment

  • The latest in custom fitted digital hearing aid technology specifically programmed for your hearing needs and lifestyle

Unlike other hearing aid vendors who contract with a single manufacturer for higher profits, our audiologist can recommend, program, and fit hearing aids from many manufacturers offering you the best hearing solution for your needs.

Before scheduling a hearing aid consultation, schedule an evaluation and hearing test with one of our ENT physicians. After your hearing test, if your ENT physician recommends hearing aids, please schedule a hearing aid consultation at one of our locations.


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