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How to Alleviate Your Ongoing Sinusitis Problems


Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinus cavities, and is categorized into acute sinusitis (symptoms of short duration, anywhere from 1-12 weeks) and chronic sinusitis (symptoms of longer duration, 12 weeks and longer). It can be caused by an infection, growths in the sinuses (nasal polyps) or by a deviated septum. Signs and symptoms may include nasal obstruction or congestion that causes breathing through your nose to be difficult, and you can have pain and swelling around your eyes, cheeks, nose or forehead.

Until now there has not been a simple in-office procedure to help elevate all your sinus pressure and pain. One had to try over the counter remedies, nasal sprays, or even antibiotics and steroids once a flair up occurred to drain the sinuses.

If you are tired of missing important life events and day to day activities because of your sinus pain and pressure, you can get instant, lasting relief from sinusitis with the in-office Balloon Sinus Dilation procedure. It is a safe, effective, and minimally invasive procedure for treating your chronic or recurrent sinusitis. In a balloon sinus dilation procedure, your physician uses a small balloon to dilate or expand the sinus opening and drainage pathways to restore natural sinus drainage. Balloon sinus dilation can be performed in the office, under local anesthesia.

A one-year clinical study shows balloon sinus dilation is as effective as traditional sinus surgery in delivering long-term symptom relief, and with a 70 percent faster recovery time.

Dr. Pratik Pradhan can tell you if balloon sinus dilation is a viable option to treat your sinusitis. Experience has shown that many patients with recurring or persistent sinusitis can be treated with balloon sinus dilation. To schedule a consult, please call our office or request an appointment though our website with Dr. Pradhan today.

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