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Stop and Smell the Flowers- Without the Sinus Pain

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Ah, spring. The sun is shining, children are playing outside, and flowers are blooming. Life is full of possibility and hope. Or, if you’re one of the millions of Americans who suffer from sinusitis, life is full of coughing, sneezing and congestion. Many people experience fluctuations in their sinus symptoms with the weather. This is due to the moisture in the air which allows certain allergens like mites and mold to proliferate. These allergens can cause your sinus symptoms to worsen as the nasal passages become swollen and congested.

If you suffer from poor sinus drainage, facial congestion, and nasal blockage or discharge, and your symptoms have not improved in the past to rounds of medical treatments, balloon sinus dilation could provide the relief you have been seeking. With advances in medical science, new doors have been opened to provide relief to sinusitis patients. Balloon sinus dilation is a simple in-office procedure that gently reshapes and expands the sinus openings to fix underlying drainage problems and restore sinus drainage back to normal. Balloon sinus dilation is a safe, effective, and minimally invasive procedure for treating your recurring or persistent sinus pain and pressure. It offers relief from blocked sinuses.

Dr. Pratik Pradhan can tell you if balloon sinus dilation is a viable option to treat your sinusitis. Experience has shown that many patients with recurring or persistent sinusitis can be treated with balloon sinus dilation. To schedule a consult, please call our office or request an appointment though our website with Dr. Pradhan today. It’s time you are able to stop and smell the flowers- without the sinus pain.

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