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When Should I Have My Hearing Evaluated?

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Many people are surprised to find out that 1 in 3 people will develop hearing loss by age 65. Hearing loss occurs in every age group, and appropriate diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss is essential for your social and emotional happiness. Our hearing allows us to communicate with others, socialize, and relax during a conversation without having to strain our ears to hear what people are saying. When our hearing declines, depression may occur. You may feel the effects of social isolation, cognitive impairment and loneliness. If you notice any signs of hearing loss, such as difficulty following conversations, have ringing in your ears, require frequent repetition, or have to turn your radio or TV to a high volume, it is important to get your hearing checked.

At ENT Specialists, we offer comprehensive testing and work up of all forms of hearing loss in both pediatric and adult patients. Our certified and experienced audiologists perform testing in our insulated sound-proof audiology booths, with the most up-to-date testing equipment and techniques. We also perform specialized testing techniques required for young children and infants who may be having excessive ear infections or may have fluid in the ears. It is especially important to catch any hearing loss in children since healthy hearing is essential to language development and learning skills.

Our hearing loss services include:

  1. Comprehensive medical evaluation of hearing loss and tinnitus

  2. Detailed audiologic evaluation including pure tone, speech discrimination, otoacoustic emission (OAE) testing, acoustic reflex testing, tympanometry

  3. Hearing rehabilitation with hearing aids and assistive listening devices

  4. Tinnitus masking technology

  5. Corrective surgery

If you notice any signs of hearing loss, schedule an appointment today to get your hearing checked by our experienced audiologists.

Hearing is an important part of living, and you don’t want to be sitting on the sidelines of your own wonderful life.

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